A personalized performance enhancement program is available for a small number of highly motivated, talented and resourceful students.  This is a 9-12 month program and will be developed around the individual player’s skills and needs, without regard to geographic location  The adaptations used are based on our successful work with PGA Tour, LPGA, collegiate players. Employing methods of training that have scientific, empirical foundation, this training program will be organized using an algorithm developed over 25 years on the PGA Tour, combining mental skills training with swing training, and including short game and putting skills, strength and conditioning and cross-training. The specifically structured program will be organized in tandem with the player’s current swing coach, trainer or other professionals currently working with that player.  A mentoring program with current or past PGA Tour Players is a fundamental part of the training program. Access to unique cross-training opportunities in MLB professional baseball and NFL football are available and encouraged.

The training program will employ methods and strategies developed from our research training at the University of Chicago under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin Bloom (Developing Talent in Young People, 1985). Dr. Pirozzolo’s current research partner, Dr. Anders Ericsson at Florida State has shown how intense, supervised, and highly focused  practice (called “deliberate practice” in the scientific literature) and not “talent” is the single most important factor in attaining and sustaining expert performance (see Ericsson et al The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance, 2006).

System III Training takes advantage of the most current neuroscientific expositions of performance enhancement, including methodologies for more rapid motor learning and retention following neural laws of  learning and memory which have been more completely defined by another  long-time friend, “dawn patrol” playing partner and colleague, Dr. Robert Bjork of UCLA.

The program can be completed in consort with a player’s current coaching team, although the parameters of the new learning methodologies must be followed in order to achieve the maximum benefit.  Stress inoculation, interleaving, selective reminding, guided visual imagery, goal setting and other more effective training benefits will be heavily emphasized.  System III refers to the crucial combinatory relationship of the two styles of decision making.  It is this aspect of the training where individualization and personalization has its greatest effect.  Players become more aware of their metacognition, their own learning and response styles, coupled with teaching/coaching styles.  All that has been previously processed, learned, and stored is acknowledged and used in more effective ways.  New learning possibilities, which are the result of considered deficits in a player’s repertoire are identified and adaptations are suggested and developed, using our long established, world-class teaching, coaching and training relationships. System III combines the slow, labor-intensive, linear, scientific, and logical method of problem solution with the rapid, automatic, intuitive, natural, “thin slice” manner of boundary decision making that has been stored as a result of a player’s/teacher’s previous practice and competitive history.

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